Question Locked Setup Fails to Unlock with Correct Password - Inspiron 11 3185

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Sep 6, 2011
I have a Inspiron 11 3185, and in the BIOS setup under Security it shows "Locked Setup", which limits pretty much everything in the BIOS. I'm using Removed by mod to generate the codes for the hash, but they never work for the Locked Setup password. The codes generated for the System password and the HDD password work fine, but the code for the Locked Setup password never seems to work. I don't understand, if it works for the first two, why is it not working for the Locked Setup p/w? Since I can't disable it, anytime I reboot, even after a Windows update, I have to go through the hassle of generating the codes for the System and HDD p/ws.

One of the hash code examples given for Dell is XYZ, but when I append it to my hash and generate the code, it says it's for Fujitsu-Siemens hexdigits, not a Dell model. Is this normal? The only way I can get the codes to work for the System and HDD is to append my Dell Service Taq code, which it then detects as a Dell Latitude 3540, which is still not my Inspiron 11 3185, but it works for the System and HDD passwords.

I would love to just call Dell and resolve this, but they want to charge me $30 just to give me a code. Seriously, couldn't Dell just as easily provide a way for owners to verify their ownership online, allowing a verified user to simply enter their lock code, and thus receive their unlock code. It would be simple, efficient and most of all, affordable.
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