Locking FPS to a certain value ?


Jun 22, 2012
I want to know how to lock the FPS, and what I mean by that that there is some games like COD 4 and League of Legends that has the option to keep your fps on certain value, so lets say I get min : 30 fps, avg : 60, max : 110 Cant I do something to lock the fps to 60 so it doesn't go above that to 100 and it doesn't go down to the 30s, some games have that feature but Is there a way I can use on any game like an app or something ? response would be awesome thanks
well to limit the fps the built in feature is called v-sync, which limits the FPS to the refresh rate of your monitor.

This will not solve your performance issue when the game dips to 30 fps as that means your hardware cannot deal with rendering the game fast enough. So you will still see those dips below 60 but it won't go above 60.
some games will allow you to set the max fps some wont. cod 4 will as will bf3 but i dont know many more that allow it... to stop fps drops you will have to lower the image quality so your minimum fps comes up to your screens hz value in most cases thats 60hz on older crts that can be as high as 75-85hz then turn on vsync or use a console command in game lik cg_maxfps 60/75/85 depending on how high you want to lock them off at... antzig is correct in that your always gonna see fps drops there is no way to limit that other than reducing settings and hoping your minimum is 60.
i do this with bf3, i run my game at low with high textures, medium wireframes and medium effects. low fxaa and get 60 rock solid on every map other than gulf of oman which enables me to turn on vsync and play without screen tearing.