Jul 26, 2006
Alright heres the skinny,
I am house/dog sitting for a friend for ONe week(take note important) and was using her laptop whitch was running a little sluggish so I ran adaware 6 and symtec virus scan which found a trojan.
adaware found a program called spyquake which after a google search is a program that gives false positive virus alerts prompting you to buy thier program. So I then restart and use adaware to remove it. Ok I cant remember the trojans name but I was informed by symtec to reboot in safe in order to delete it. It was a mild trojan that created a possible back door to steal user info(all I can remember)
Ok here is the PROBLEM, it prompted me to use msconfig to change boot.ini to boot in safe mode(easy enough) so I did and when tryin to log back in the PASSWORD NO LONGER WORKS?!?!?! Now Im stuck at loggin in safe mode!
Has anyone had any experiences similar to this?
How in the hell can I get into the system?
I have till sunday to get this resolved.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!