Question Logitech C922 webcam settings don't sync with Discord ?

May 1, 2021
Hey guys. I just got the Logitech C922 webcam a month ago, and I dont use it because I cant change the settings.

First I used the Logitech Capture software and it worked really good until I turned it on in Discord, There was a lot of delay!

Then I tried the G Hub software and it worked fine and then again when I turned it on in Discord, the settings didnt sync. So I went into G Hub again and the settings I set it to weren't reset, but the settings were not on Discord.

-I have tried to reinstall both softwares but it still didnt work.

Sorry if im bad at explaining, but I hope you guys can help! Thanks in advance.


Does the webcam work in Discord alone?

If so then, provided thatI correctly understand your post, all you need is the basic webcam drivers and none of the other video software.

No need for Logitech Capture per se. Or other similar apps.

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"Install the Logitech Capture software (optional).

This software is not required, but it's helpful if you want to be able to add Logitech's filters, place text over a web stream, apply transitions to video, and record from multiple webcams at once. "

Reference source:

Step 5.