Logitech g pro wireless drifting by itself.

Oct 7, 2018
Does anyone else have it issue where the g pro wireless will sometimes drift when you take your had off of it?

I noticed this in a game when my cursor would sometimes randomly move about 1-2 cm across the screen when i took my hand off of the mouse. It usually happens around the "slicker" parts of my mouse pad. I haven't noticed this drift while my hand is on the mouse, so I'm wondering if somehow my mouse might be moving slightly after I take my hand off of my mouse where the mouse pad is slick/slippery. Or could this be a sensor issue? It's not really eradic or jittery, just a smooth movement 1 cm after I take my hand completely off the mouse sometimes. Has anyone else had something like this happen?

It happens in wireless mode. When it is plugged in, its hard to recreate this issue, because of the pressure on the cord itself sometimes moves the mouse in the way I am describing it moving in wireless mode.

Basically, in wireless mode, the cursor sometimes moves when i take my hand off the mouse, as it would if it had a cord dragging it toward a direction slightly. Then again, i noticed it on more slick parts of my mouse pad, so maybe the mouse slides very slightly when there is no pressure on it and I don't notice? What do you think?

I use LGS not Ghub, 1600 DPI, Clean hyperfury xl mousepad, Tested it with 50% and 100% battery, no hair in sensor (blew it out with mini rocket air), Receiver is 25 cm from the mouse using the included extension cable. Table and mousepad seem to be flat. Wifi router not in the same room.

Not really sure what's going on here.