Question Logitech G Pro X Superlight Mouse is not powering on ?


May 17, 2019
After around 15 months of use my Logitech G Pro X Superlight Mouse randomly stopped working and will not power on.
Some observations:
  • The battery light does not turn on and my computer does not receive input from the device.
  • Windows 10 recognises the USB-A wireless receiver.
  • The mouse does not function wired.
  • All internal cables are connected (in the image) but the battery adhesive has loosened.
  • When trying to use the Device Pairing Tool on G Hub, it says that my mouse is disconnected.
  • The highlighted area in the image feels hot to the touch when the mouse is switched on, but normal when off.
What are some steps I can take to solve this situation, and what exactly is going on here? Thanks in advance for any ideas.
May 29, 2023
Here are some troubleshooting steps I can think about:
  1. Double-check the battery and connections: From your image, all seems connected, but the loosened battery adhesive might be an issue. Try reapplying adhesive or securing the battery in place.
  2. Heat issue: If a certain area is getting hot, it might be due to some component malfunctioning. Check if there's visible damage.
  3. Try a different computer: See if the issue persists on another system. This can help rule out driver or software issues.