Question Logitech G Pro X vs HyperX Cloud Alpha

Sep 3, 2019
Hello, I currently have a HyperX Cloud Flight, but I found it uncomfortable after a long period of time, especially with my glasses. I've had it for almost about a year now, no issues or complaints, but I want to get a better sounding headphones that is comfortable(I don't mind if it is wired or wireless). I was doing some research and stumbled upon Logitech G Pro X (or the non X version) and HyperX cloud Alpha. My question is: Between those two, which has better sound quality and is more comfortable? I also will take suggestions and recommendations, as those are not my only 2 options, but I want something that fits my budget (around 130$ CAD).

I play FPS games most of the time (Rainbow Six Siege, CSGO)


The Acrtis 5 is more comfortable I think than either of those, so are the Cooler Master MH751. About sound, that all depends on you, everyone hears differently and likes different sounding headphones and speakers. You need to find a place to try them out otherwise you will just have 30 people suggesting 40 different things since it's all personal preference. You can even get a standard headphone and add in a mod mic. My set of Phillips SHP are very comfortable because they are open and breathe better, and under 100, add in a mod mic and you have a gaming headset. I think I can wear those the longest, the MH751 is very comfortable but they make my ears sweat more.