Mar 29, 2021
I've had this issue for a few months where my Logitech G203 Prodigy mouse will randomly disconnect from my PC, followed by that annoying Windows sound cue, only to reconnect two seconds later. This issue isn't super common, it happens maybe once every 20-30 minutes, but in some games, it will either lag the entire game or completely freeze the screen for a couple of seconds following the disconnect. Note that this doesn't happen on most games. Most games, it simply disconnects and then reconnects within the span of a second or two. Annoying, but nothing terrible.

With a few games though, it'll completely prevent or seriously limit my gameplay for a good 15 seconds every time the issue occurs. Now, this mouse IS something like two and a half years old, so I suspect it could be the age, but I just wanted to check. I had a newer G203 Prodigy that I was using as a replacement for this one because I knew it was getting old, but that mouse completely broke alongside a new logitech keyboard after uninstalling GHub, which is why I'm using the old mouse. It functions perfectly fine besides the disconnection issue.