Question Logitech G29 wheel/pedals and project cars 2 demo, choppy as hell?


Mar 11, 2012
Asus Rog Maximus XI gene
i9 9900kf
2 x 8gb dominator 3200mhz
Rtx 2080 ti founders
Antec hcg 750w
Windows 10
Project Cars 2 demo
Logitech g29 with separate pedals

I have no driver disc with g29 so I booted up and plugged in, i got no notification about new hardware but i could have missed it.
I've forgotten how to check if its installed properly (question 1)
I have the switch on ps4 (pc setting)
When i run the demo it's all smooth in the menu.
I selected g29 in the menu and calibrated successfully.
I choose a race, the second the race starts to load I get serious lag, around 3-4fps performance.
I posted this first, I'm now going to watch tutorial on installation for pc to see if I missed anything.
Any other ideas?
I just got the g29 used but he streamed a video of testing.