Question Logitech G430 no sound

Jan 6, 2020

I have a constant issue with my Logitech G430 headset , after each Windows update the sound in the headset is not working , after a lot of time spending on google , i found out that the firmware will do the job , for the next 2 windows updates it worked , now i just updated my windows again , and the same issue , no sound in the headset , i tried to update the firmware again and it said that is at the latest version , and still i couldn't hear the sound.

I found a workaround by switching to a diff usb hub, but this only works partially , like i can hear again in the headset but if i restart my pc it wont work and i have to switch it again to the old usb,

Notes :
I use speakers on my pc as well , and after each gaming session i disable the sound from the headset so i can hear on the speakers , and when i play games i disable the speakers so i can hear the sound on my Headset.
Logitech Software and Firmware are at the latest versions.

Does someone know another fix for this ?