Question logitech g502 middle and right mouse button not working properly ?


Oct 2, 2016
So basically, I've had this logitech g502 mouse a bit less than a year. Yesterday all of a sudden the right mouse button started not work and instead do what the middle mouse button (wheel) would normally do. I went and tested it and its doing most functions of the middle mouse button. I tested the middle mouse button and its doing the functions of right click on most things, but not quite everything.

So basically I have no right click, except for the middle mouse button sometimes doing it, and the right button is now the middle mouse button. They also switch around between what they'll do aswell, they aren't always doing the same things wrong. Anyway I tested the mouse on another computer and it still had the issue so it's obviously the mouse. I tried many things such as updating drivers, redownloading drivers, changing keybinds, using a different usb port etc etc. Nothing worked, so obviously the mouse is broken in some way, I'm just wondering if there's a solution to fixing it before i go buy a new one, because as I said I've only had it for a year so it seems way to soon to be broken already.

Cheers in advance for any help.
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