Logitech G502 mouse stuttering


Nov 20, 2013
So i'm posting this to help others as i have found the solution to the issue. I use a Logitech G502 Protus Spectrum mouse for gaming and i noticed i would get stuttering after a few days of use. I would then wash the mouse pad as i thought sweat and dirt maybe to blame. i was even using a 1mm thick Logitech gamming mouse pad and had the software set to that option.

I then tried a steelseries mouse pad to resolve the issue but still it persisted but was always better after washing it. but i notice my mouse was fine, in fact better with no mouse pad at all. I thought the reports per second might have something to do with it but in the end it didn't.

in the end it was the mouse pad setting in the Logitech software itself. i switched the option from Logitech cloth gaming mouse pad to factory default and the stuttering stopped. I can't tell you why the other options are so sensitive or what causes the mouse no not read even its own brands mouse pad correctly but it seems to be an issue.

The mouse has been perfect ever sine. Just wish i hadn't had to but a new mouse pad to figure that out. If this helps any one out there right on if not let us know of any other issues you may be having with your Logitech mouse and/or how to fix it.


Per the mouse you now have, I think it's a good idea to probably hand it down to a sibling or sell to a neighbor for cheap. Pertaining to the setting within the software suite based on mouse pad texture's I'm sure that the issue is more akin to the software's engine and build then anything else. In fact what's to say that others in the same boat as you are suffering from corrupt chipset/USB drivers or even a corrupt OS, as has been seen on Windows 10 system's. Requiring a reinstall or less severe, a repair install.

I own a Logitech G9x and it would often double click on either the right or left buttons, apparently reinstalling the LGS software suite solved the issue albeit with time lost and after reinstalling my OS.

Responded to this thread to prevent it from deletion. This thread could serve as a solution to some out there, nonetheless.
Feb 17, 2018
Thank you!!! I had been trying to solve the lag problem for months having no idea it could have been caused by the pad selection option. Yet it really helped. Shame on Logitech for this bug. I was even thinking about switching to different mouse model.
Sep 13, 2018
On Windows 10 I had g502 mouse cursor jumping, stuttering, and lag issues for some time which got worse.

What solved this for me;
1. Exit Logitech Gaming Software (note: I did try just doing this and reboot but no joy)
2. Go to Devices > Mouse > Additional mouse options > select Hardware tab
- There my PC has 2 'HID-compliant mouse' drivers.
3. Remove the mouse 'HID-compliant mouse' device driver with Location: on Logitech Gaming Virtual Mouse.
- I attempted to remove the other one but mouse stopped working completely :/
4. Reboot the PC
5. After reboot mouse working flawlessly.
Note: The driver that I removed reappeared - probably reinstalled by LGS - but as long as it's working IDC.
Jan 31, 2019
I know this is super old, but just in case you see this I just wanted to say thank you so much! I have been dealing with this for years and never found this post before now sadly, everything else I saw said to put it to cloth or hard mouse pad settings.