Question Logitech G560 Forcing 7.1 Audio

Feb 16, 2020

I wondered if someone could help me with some new speakers I've received for Xmas, which have resulted in a stack of issues!

There has been issues with bass and volume settings which I've resolved through firmware roll back and third party software respectively, but now the issue is that games are not playing all sound, such as voices or punches in MK11, npc lines in WoW via the speakers as Windows defaults the speakers to 7.1 audio, and I assume that noise is coming down the Centre channel which doesn't exist.

Even if I disable Surround Sound in Logitech G-Hub it still has missing lines, these speakers are amazing on potential, but abysmal in use. I cannot use the year old workaround of reverting to the Windows standard driver, rolling back the Logitech one, as G Hub then doesn't recognise the speakers and I lose RGB.

Is there anyway to force a 2.1 or stereo option at Windows level or some other workaround that anyone can help with? I'm out of the return period and Logitech support isn't great.


from reddit:
Open Playback Devices > Right Click G560 Gaming Speaker > Properties
You should see under Controller information Logitech G

Click Properties in Controller Information > Change Settings > Driver > Roll Back Driver

This should revert the Driver to Generic USB Audio which will force Stereo while still keeping your EQ settings.

If you can't Roll back, Go to Update Driver > Browse my computer > Let me pick from list > USB Audio Device