Question Logitech G710+ USB passthrough kills all USB devices when plugged in.


Dec 11, 2011
Title says it all. Been a problem with this keyboard since I've had it, figure it'd be nice to have a solution if possible now that I have a new build. Basically the Keyboard has 2 pigtails for the plugs, one is for the keyboard and the other is a USB passthrough to a port on the back of the KB. The keyboard itself works just fine when its plugged in along with everything else, but as soon as I plug in the passthrough and windows sees it it kills ALL of my USB devices connected and I get the windows 10 "USB Device Not Recognized" error as Windows looks at all of my devices. None will work, no matter how they're plugged, no matter which USB port. None. The computer has to be restarted and the USB devices plugged back in without the passthrough. I've tried both powered and unpowered USB hubs as well as direct connection to the MB USB ports. Always the same result.

Any ideas?

Win 10 64 Pro up to date, fresh install
Latest USB drivers
Latest Logitech Software for the connected devices.