Question Logitech Keyboard Question?


Apr 24, 2012
Hello! I'm looking into getting some Logitech Peripherals(Mouse, Keyboard, Headset). I've always used Corsair, and love the M65 RGB Elite(Mouse), Void RGB Elite(Headset), and the K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire(Keyboard).

The reason I am switching is because my cats and dogs at times pull my mouse off my desk, and tje M65's left click now double clicks, so I wanted to look into getting a wireless mouse and charging mousepad. Corsair has it, but only with 1 mouse, of which I don't like the look of.

I've heard great things about Logitech's G502(Wireless Mouse), and the PowerPlay(Charing Mousepad). So I was planning on getting those, kinda narrowed down the headsets to the G733 and the G Pro X(I hear is better, but shorter range, and cost quite a bit more).

My big issue is the keyboard, I have no idea how to even really tell them apart. I see they have wireless ones, which I'm not sure about. The wireless mouse will charge via mouse pad, but I'll just have to plug the keyboard in, so I'll probley never even use the wireless part of it. I'm sure it's their most advanced model, but I dont want to over pay for a feature I want even use, but I'm unable to tell if they have another model that's exactly the same, but without the wireless part. It all kinda just blends together.

TLDR: Switching from Corsair M65 RGB Elite(Mouse), K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire(Keyboard), Void RGB Elite(Headset) to Logitech gear of similar quality, like the G502(Mouse), PowerPlay(Mousepad), tied with G733 and G Pro X(Headsets), and no idea on Keyboard.

What's your opinion on the G733 vs G Pro X?
The G502 and Powerplay Combo?
What's a good keyboard? Or one on par with the K70?
Would you find the G915 for the price? Would it still be the best Logitech keyboard even if I didn't use the wireless part?
Opinions on Corsair Cue vs G Hub?

Any info and opinions on this would be greatly appreciated.
And I'm mainly switching all the peripherals instead of just the mouse and mousepad, so that I don't need 2 different programs installed.

Thank you for any and all info!


How would a wireless mouse help with the pets? Just move the mouse to behind the monitor or something. Just as easy as moving a wireless mouse.

For quality, it really depends on what you like, Logitech makes good products, if you like the feel/sound of them really depends on you. Have not tried any of their headsets aside from in a store but you can go by the many reviews of them and decide from that.

The Romer G Logitech keys are nice but not my favorite, they have good tactile feedback but compared to something like good quality Red/Yellow/Brown switches they are not as crisp.

I have not had a Logitech mouse I did not like yet, the gaming models have an great smooth feeling sensor.

Really just because the mouse gets attacked no need to swap your full setup around, just move the mouse somewhere. Maybe put a holder on the side of the case or behind the monitor, side of the desk, something like this or a monitor stand with space under it to slide the mouse/keybaord under.
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