Question Logitech M705 still clicking loudly after silent mod

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Jul 22, 2021
Hello everyone!

I've got a Logitech M705 Marathon mouse. The clicking sound was driving me crazy, so I replaced default Omron switches with Kailh silent switches. Tested the switches when soldered - worked ok, silent as it comes. When I reassembled the mouse RMB works like a charm, but LMB clicks... loudly. It happens only when I press on distant portion of the button, when I press close to the body - silent. Mouse clicks are registered normally.
Had anyone had same problem?

PS. Sorry for any language mistakes - English is not my first language.


Your English is fine.

Take a closer look at the mouse. And the reassembly in particular.

Is the click actually from the switch or perhaps some plastic or other mechanical contact between the physical button and mouse body?

Based on your description my thought is that the button/case are not aligned as they should be. "Distant portion" vs. "close to the body".

Which could cause the physical contact and the resulting click.

Or, perhaps forcing the switch a bit out of alignment to where the switch is clicking.
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