Question Logitech m720 Mouse + Craft Keyboard Interference? Crash question? Help me


May 29, 2020
I will use a translator because I am not good at English.
if I can solve this problem, I'd like to thank you somehow

Logitech craft keyboard and m720 mouse are being used together.

It seems to interfere with each other, but when you connect the two together, both the mouse break (such as cursor delay movement) and the function keys in the Logitech option often fail.

The interesting thing is that if you connect only one of the two, it works normally.

Unifying+Unifying/Unifying+Bluetooth+Bluetooth+Bluetooth I try everything, reinstall the options, and whatever I do, I can't solve it.

The customer center guys have been messing with me for a month and they don't give me a clear answer.

The customer center said they would upload a video on Google Drive and check it out, so I am attaching the inquiry.

What is this problem and how do we solve it?

main movie (long)

extra movie (short)

<Things I've tried>
  1. Reinstall Logitech Options After Windows Formatting / Retry Pairing
  2. Try the same with 2 different PCs. (Total 3 experiments with different PCs)
  3. Reinstall/retry pairing after booting to safe mode
  4. Reinstall/retry pairing after disabling all startup services in msconfig
None of the methods 1 to 4.

<> = movie time

< M720 Mouse Single Pairing Test>
  1. Unpair keyboard from Logitech option. Pairing the mouse only. <0:32>
  2. Ensure that the customization key is set well in the Logitech option. (In this video, select 'Document' and 'Specify Key to Input' section) <0:54>
  3. Activates the set key. Check to see if it works. <1:30>
  4. Normal operation.< 1:30>
<craft keyboard solo pairing test>
  1. Unpair the mouse from the Logitech option. Pair keyboard only. <3:00>
  2. Verify that the customization key is set well in the Logitech option. <3:50>
  3. Activates the set key. Check to see if it works. <4:12>
  4. Normal operation. <4:12>
< Simultaneous M720 mouse and carft keyboard pairing test>
  1. Simultaneous keyboard and mouse pairing in Logitech option <6:19>
  2. Verify that the customization key is set well in Logitech option. (In this video, mouse: 'Document' and 'Specify key to input' / keyboard: 'Calculator' and 'Wa' are selected.)
3. Normal operation in windows and notepad. <7:56>
--------- This is where the problem begins-----------
  1. Activates the set key (in browsers such as chrome, edge, etc.) <8:52> <10:45>
  2. Customization key not working. <8:54> <10:45>
  3. Not only customized keys, but also defaulted keys do not work (forward and backward mouse) <9:10>
  4. Restarting the Logitech option will resume normal operation. <9:50>
  5. If you briefly change the multipairing number and reconnect, it will work with the default settings. <14:00>
------------------------------------------------------------ --

<Special information>
  1. Everything works fine in places like Windows Explorer or Notepad.
  2. During simultaneous pairing, all customization keys are intermittently initialized or inoperative after a certain period of time.
2-1. Maaye didn't work, so if you change the pairing number and come back, it will work at the initial value.

1. Fundamentally, guess the collision between craft and m720. Customization key hangs after a certain period of time
1-2. If the customizing key is interrupted, the value will be initialized although it will be operated again with a pairing retry
1-3. When the Logitech option is enabled again, it returns to the normal customization key.
1-4. Guess the background program will stop after a certain period of time.
2. Especially, it seems to cause more conflict with Internet browsers such as Chrome and Edge.
2-1. It works normally in a window or notepad, but stops when you press the key in the browser.