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Question Logitech MX5500 keyboard/mouse replacement advice

Jun 24, 2020
I currently have a Logitech MX5500 keyboard/mouse combo that I have really enjoyed. I need to purchase keyboards/mice for new machines and don't want to end up with crap keyboards like I currently have on those machines. Can anyone recommend a wireless/bluetooth keyboard that would be comparable to the Logitech MX5500. They are now selling for $700-800 and that is waaaay too much. Any brand is acceptable. I just like the comfort and keystroke of the MX5500. We are in an office environment that does a lot of typing. I hate the Logitech S520 I am currently typing on as I spend more time going back to correct dropped keystrokes than I do actually typing. I do not like the split, curved, or wave style of keyboard; but usually prefer the wrist rest. Good battery life is a plus. Soft touch/quiet touch is preferable. Media keys are also preferred but would possibly sacrifice for comfort. Although I need mice as well it doesn't necessarily have to be a combo purchase. For the best of both worlds I would consider separate purchases as long as I don't need separate dongles for each. Thanks for any advice.