Question Logitech Unifying Keyboard types "aaaaa..." non stop


Nov 16, 2007
Hey everyone...I built my own machine about a year and a half ago. I have a Logitech MX Master mouse ( I have several machines) and it has worked fine for the last year. i've tried two Logitech keyboards lately that work with the unifying receiver and both have malfunctioned. about 3 months ago I had one that typed all "aaaaaaa.." non stop and I couldnt' stop it so I took it back.

Today I purchased a Logitech MX Keys keyboard to go with my MX Master 2 mouse. I installed it and it connected but it was also having issues. It kept typing an "a" after each word and it would insert random "a's" here and there. then randomly it would also type a string of "aaaaaaa" that I couldnt' stop.

I don't understand why this is happening but I want to keep this keyboard since it is a one solution for several computers. I should say that I currently have a logitech keyboard's a wireless elite v2...could there be a conflict by any chance?
Anyone else have this issue?


Not sure about your current matchups with respect to keyboards and mice.

Are you indeed moving keyboards and mice about between different computers?

Check the connectivities between devices and unifying receiver.

Focus on getting just one keyboard and one mouse working on one computer. Even if you need to completely reinstall and reconfigure a "do over".

Another thought: If the little unifying receiver is in a USB port at the back of the computer try using a USB extension cable to move the receiver up and from behind the computer. May eliminate some transmission reception issues.