Question Logitech USB Headset Wire/Cable Issues

Jun 28, 2019
I hate it when you get a new pair of headphones only to discover that there's only audio playing in one ear, but this is a slightly different problem.

Only just a few days ago and including today, have I had an annoying problem.

Ok, so basically, I was hearing audio just fine, until I slightly moved my body, then my headphones cut out. I spend half of my time sitting in front of a computer fidgeting with my headphone wire until I get audio back flowing through my ears again.
For example, if you were to move the wire a little to the side, it would play in one ear, but sometimes moving the wire a little more to the side would create a flat-sounding high-pass effect.
I can't tolerate having to find the right position to sit, and having to find the right neck position. Hell, my posture feels unnatural even now, and from last night.

Any help? Do I need to straighten the wire, cut it, look inside of it, etc. , or do I need to throw it away and get a better one?


If this is a new pair or headphones, return them for another set. I would not mess with the wire on my own unless this was an old set and you don't care if it's broken or fiddled with. Yes you would need to check the wire connections to the headphones in that case.