Logitech z-2300 speaker problem


Dec 28, 2009
ok i have a logitech z-2300 speaker system...i just started to notice that one speaker sounds louder than the other..i came to the conclusion that rca female connectors on the back of the sub might be the problem...i plug one speaker into one of the connectors it sounds fine...i then plug it into the other connector and it is a little quieter...i repeated the same steps to the second speaker same thing...its not the speaker...its one of the rca connectors on the back of the plug...

heres what i wanna do...i want to buy a rca y-adapter (one male to 2 female) to plug into the good connection and use that adapter to connect the two speakers to that one connection...my question is...is it possible to do that?....is sound quality going to be worst or is it going to improve to what is supposed to be normal? and lastly am i going to be losing any power/sound from connecting both speakers to that one rca y adapter?...overall question using that adapter...is sound going be normal again?

comments/answers very much appreciated...thank you
You would be hurting your sound quality alot. First off you will be hearing music in MONO not stereo. Second you are asking your amp to put more power to the one channel unfortunately it does not work this way it has 40 watts x2 for the satellite speakers, so it will only put 40 watts in to that channel no matter what. It will not be as loud and you will lose definition to your music movies and games you should try to see if you can figure a fix for the one channel. I would check the connections going from your computers soundcard to the speakers might be a loose connection there.


Aug 17, 2012
This is an old post, but I will give some other areas to look into...

I am experiencing the same issue and I have heard that the left channel going dead isn't always an internal circuitry problem. Logitech actually went to a lot of effort to design these to the highest spec possible with high quality materials, and actual internal (in the subwoofer and speakers) is rare. The satellites can get ruined if you really abuse them (max volume constantly for long periods), but the subwoofer can take a lot of abuse because it's overbuilt.

That said, the weak link seems to be the SoundTouch control pod. If you ever had a scratchy sound over the speakers when changing the volume, or there's a lot of sound coming from one channel but hardly any from the other, then you can bet it's the pod. It's an analog design with a potentiometer inside that controls the sound to the subwoofer and the channels. There are posts over the web that give pointers on how to possibly fix it with a "turn and tap" technique (I forget how to do it). There's no easy fix for it unless you're an electronics expert and know how to solder, replace resistors, caps and filters, and Logitech doesn't make parts for the Z-2300 anymore. You can find used ones on eBay or Amazon, but good luck just finding the pod. They do make replacements for the pod, but they're $40 on eBay.