[SOLVED] Logitech Z607 not working on PC


Mar 3, 2017
Hello everyone! Hopefully I can get some input on a audio issue I am having.

Just purchased a Logitech Z607 set of speakers https://www.logitech.com/en-roeu/products/speakers/z607-surround-sound-system.980-001316.html

My PC is kinda old, running a i7-2600K on a Asus P8P67 Pro mobo with a Creative Fatality sound card running on Win 10 Pro.

I bought RCA cables to 3.5mm to connect the Subwoofer to the sound card (in Windows it appears as Creative SB speakers) for all set of speakers, Front Right, Fron Left, Rear Right, Rear Left, Subwoofer and Center.

On windows the speakers generate no sound, but the speakers are working:

  1. Connecting phone via BT and playing a video on Youtube confirms all 5 speakers are working.
  2. Connecting with ONLY 1 set of RCA cables to the Aux input (2 connections on the Subwoofer) generates audio on those speakers.
  3. The 5.1 connection on the Subwoofer says DVD 5.1 CH, when choosing connection on the subwoofer I have used Bluetooth and Aux, does it means that I have to use another type of connection for 5.1 sound?
Thanks for your time and responses.


Choosing dvd 5.1 option on sub control pod should have worked. Might be configuration issue with Creative. Have you tried motherboard audio to see what happens?

I have the same motherboard running Win10, Logitech x540 5.1 speakers. Mobo audio sounds crap without driver from Asus which includes Realtek HD manager. If install it and wondering about the rears, for me, the driver changed rears jacks from black to gray.