Question Logitech Z906 + ASUS Xonar not working

Mar 29, 2019
Hi guys I have very annoying problem.

I have just received a new PC build by Novatech. Everything run smooth and nice expect the sound. Actually there is no sound at all. Control Panel/Sound Settings shows that thhe sound is present, so I assume the sound card works properly. At the same time each speaker (running in a test mode) plays an audible test signal (I hear buzz/noise). So i don't actually know if it is a signal or the noise means something wrong. I have plugged the speaker system into the sound card panel on the back of my PC and Win 10 do not playing any sound. I think the issue lays on the speakers side but I have no idea why. All the drivers are updated and all the wires/cables are connected properly (I have checked like 8 times). Any ideas guys? I am annoyed and getting pissed off by that...
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I was wondering if you already tried testing the speakers on a different computer, or connecting different speakers or headphones on this PC?

In any case, you can try typing Find and Fix Audio Playback Problems in the Cortana search box, pressing Enter, and following the on-screen instructions from there to resolve the issue.

Please report back if the above solutions don't work, and you need further assistance in this.