Question Logitech Z908 - head hurts, please help

Apr 16, 2019
Hi all,

I've currently got a Panasonic surround sound system that doesn't work quite right and it's time for an upgrade... Logitech Z908 seems to be a winner.

5.1 on a PC is not something I'm 100% familiar with so I've spent hours trawling forums and still can't seem to get to the bottom of what I need to know.

I know there's boat loads of information around but I want a clean, simple answer.

As present, I do not have a standalone soundcard - this can potentially be changed but let's not get ahead of ourselves...
My board is an Asus z99 sabertooth, featuring an optical jack output, along with the 3 analogue output jacks - this is the confusion. Currently, the Panasonic only features an optical in, so this is what I've been using.

I need this system to provide me 5.1 surround in both movies and gaming. Simple.

From what I understand, optical outputs are compressed streams and analogue are uncompressed.

The answers I need are;
1. If I connect motherboard to Z908 using analogue jacks - do I get 5.1 for movies and games? Games don't have Dolby or DTS encryption, and given that analogue is unencrypted anyway, surely on a movie with DD track, for instance, the PC is decrypting before sending anyway?

2. If I connect using optical, do I get 5.1 for films and games again? I believe with films with a DD track, yes as it's sending a compressed track anyway, but what about games?

Assuming a soundcard provides better results - surely it's the same thing as above - a soundcard would have optical and analogue jacks, so would work the same as having it plugged into motherboard, albeit better performance?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Do you mean Z906? if so, I have them...

  1. Yes, you should get 5.1 in games and movies. Music not so much, depends on how source was created.
  2. I am not sure about digital as I have a similar Asus motherboard to you (Z97 Pro) and have only ever attached it via analog, though I know it has 2 digital connections on speakers
Users guide:

if you get them, it helps to know how to get 5.1 via control panel, its not obvious
referring to page 8 of user guide, it shows effects. But it doesn't list 5.1 there. the trick is to have no light on in effects and then it will be set to 5.1
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