Question Logitech Z908 - head hurts, please help

Apr 16, 2019
Hi all,

I've currently got a Panasonic surround sound system that doesn't work quite right and it's time for an upgrade... Logitech Z908 seems to be a winner.

5.1 on a PC is not something I'm 100% familiar with so I've spent hours trawling forums and still can't seem to get to the bottom of what I need to know.

I know there's boat loads of information around but I want a clean, simple answer.

As present, I do not have a standalone soundcard - this can potentially be changed but let's not get ahead of ourselves...
My board is an Asus z99 sabertooth, featuring an optical jack output, along with the 3 analogue output jacks - this is the confusion. Currently, the Panasonic only features an optical in, so this is what I've been using.

I need this system to provide me 5.1 surround in both movies and gaming. Simple.

From what I understand, optical outputs are compressed streams and analogue are uncompressed.

The answers I need are;
1. If I connect motherboard to Z908 using analogue jacks - do I get 5.1 for movies and games? Games don't have Dolby or DTS encryption, and given that analogue is unencrypted anyway, surely on a movie with DD track, for instance, the PC is decrypting before sending anyway?

2. If I connect using optical, do I get 5.1 for films and games again? I believe with films with a DD track, yes as it's sending a compressed track anyway, but what about games?

Assuming a soundcard provides better results - surely it's the same thing as above - a soundcard would have optical and analogue jacks, so would work the same as having it plugged into motherboard, albeit better performance?

Any help is greatly appreciated!