[SOLVED] LoL caps at 80 fps when in borderless?

Jan 22, 2022
League for some reason caps at 80 fps whenever I am in borderless. Changing the resolution for some reason fixes it but no one wants to play in a lower res. Changing back to fullscreen fixes it (~150 fps) but I tab out quite often sometimes, so it's really impractical for me to keep it in fullscreen.
Had this problem for some time now, but never found a proper fix. I stopped playing ~6 months ago and now want to start playing again, and now the fps thing is really bugging me.
I've looked around and I've seen that this is common. I couldn't find a proper solution that would work, some help would be appreciated.
Vsync is disabled in game, and I'm pretty sure I've done it correctly in NVIDIA settings too.

GTX 1060 6gb
8gb RAM
ASUS mobo, don't remember proper name (It is an older version, so it has DDR3 ram instead of 4). Will check tomorrow.

Also tried going in lol properties cause that seemed to fix it for some people, that didn't work.
Reinstalling lol hasn't worked since I've done that multiple times to no avail.
Turning off shadow play didn't fix it either.
Don't remember if I had done something specifically that would've caused it.