LOL in Normal COw



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....Made me laugh.
So there I am in Normal Cows with my LVL 39 Sorc, just browsing whats
left on the ground (Cows All Dead), when a LVL 82 Druid Pops into the

Then 2 other characters come into the game, they all party up and are
low 20's. Next thing I see is the Klaxon and sign that the Druid has
hostiled me.

So I taunt him saying he is not worth the effort. And If he is a great
dueller he should come through the red portal and duel me. He says he
cant, i say its a new 1.11 feature if he un hostiles he can duel me in
Moo Moo Farm...............(Did you see this coming?)

Next thing I see is a druid with Whirlwind or what ever it is called
come walking through the red portal straight into a hails of
FO's.....One dead druid, he comes through again...Dead.

Then tells me I am cheating, leaves the game.

So I carry on picking up gold and small potions etc, hes back with a
Necro, hostile, unhostile (Hey Hes done this without prompting) hes back
in the Cow level blood golem dies, necro dies.....Play leaves without

Just made me smile, was I cheating or just using knowledge to my advantage?

Still Smilling......


Simon T

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