Question Long delay when I restart or shutdown my laptop ?

Apr 14, 2021
I have Lenovo ThinkPad E540 laptop running Windows 10. I added a SSD in my laptop (replace HHD with SSD and replace DVD drive with HDD). Now I use SSD and HDD simultaneously. The problem is that when I want to restart or shut down, it takes about 6-7 minutes. The screen is off but the laptop is on (like sleep mode). after 6-7 minutes laptop will shut down. I had done these:

*use Legacy only in Boot menu
*convert SSD from MBR to GPT and use UEFI boot
*Delete SSD partitions and create new partitions again and install windows
*Install two versions of windows 10 and update them
*Reset and Update Bios Version
*Install all last drivers manually and automatically with software in lenovo website
*Install last power management drivers
Some times during changing setting laptop was restarted quickly without problem, But after two or three times the problem appeared again.
*SSD and HDD have 100% health. Both are Basic disk, SSD is GPT and HDD is MBR.
*When I enter with Safe Mode there is no problem. I can Reset and Shutdown again and again quickly. But when I back to normal mode the problem appeared again
*When I remove HHD and use SSD only, there is no problem
I don't have other Idea. Help me please.
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