Question (LONG) PC keeps randomly freezing in random intervalls

Apr 29, 2021
My build:
Asus B550-E @ v. 2006 Bios
Asus Rog Strix RTX 3070 @ stock clocks
Ryzen 7 5800x @ stock clocks
NZXT Kraken X73 360mm AIO
G. Skill Trident Z RGB 32GB 3600mhz/cl16 @ docp stock settings
Be Quiet Straight Power 11 750w
Samsung Evo 970 M2 1TB SSD (OS)
Crucial MX500 2TB SSD

Hey guys hopefully someone here can help me troubleshoot. I'm gonna try to explain everything that has happened this far as detailed as possible. Thanks in advance for reading this textwall.

So I've build this PC a few weeks ago. First post went completely fine. After installing windows and restarting the PC an orange LED lid up on the mainboard. Indicating that the PC is stuck at booting with the RAM. After turning the PC off again and waiting 1-5min, the PC would boot up just fine without any issues. I then noticed that one of my USB sticks isnt getting recognized in any available USB slots. Windows would still play the plugin sound but not show the drive. I then tried replugging the RAM to see if I didnt plug it in all the way and that was somehow causing the issues. Fortunately the orange LED never appeared after that and the system would boot just fine everytime from that point on. My problems with the USB stick didnt change. I then tried the stick on another PC and it worked just fine. After plugging the usb stick into my new rig it was sudenly recognized and I could transfer data for about 2 minutes. It then "unplugged" itself and the transfer was aborted as if it was unplugged.

A few days later I tried to troubleshoot the USB issues once more but the PC suddenly started recognizing the usb stick without any issues. I was even able to transfer data in the GB range. I thought that my problem just solved itself... oh boi was I wrong.

A day later with several benchmarks and stresstests like Cinebench R23, Prime95, Furmark etc. behind me I thought the rig was running fine because it didnt crash or anything like that, and the USB stick still worked. While idlying the system suddenly froze up and the mouse/keyboard powered off and werent able to be powered on. Fans and RGB were still running normally but the system just froze completely. I then restarted the PC and everything worked fine again for a week without any random freezes and stuff.

A week later the PC froze again and I restarted it. It then froze 4 more times in a matter of a 2 hours. I then tried to troubleshoot by testing RAM slots and sticks individually. In some combinations the orange LED would show up again and the PC wouldnt boot. I then tried some different ram sticks from my old rig which I know worked fine and the PC wouldnt boot at all at first. It would just start and shut down several times before I got into the BIOS.

I'm now testing the rig with only 1 of my two 16GB RAM sticks and didnt have a crash/freeze/orange LED in 4 days. Obviously that doesnt mean anything because I was running and gaming on the rig for a week without any freezes. The USB issue still persists so I'm pretty certain SOMETHING has to be wrong. I know that ASUS has some "usb connectivity issues" and tries to fix those with bios updates but the USB issues + the random freezes are way too big of a convenience to just ignore.

If you got this far: Thanks. You're a real Chad. Maybe someone on here can help. Even though I know that troubleshooting something like this is very difficult because I cant reproduce the error and because it happens so infrequently.
P.S.: Oh and before someone asks... no I'm not crazy or rich. I didnt pay a thousand bucks for the 3070. Got it for around 700€.