Question Looking at getting some new components, will my mobo properly comnect to case?

Jul 12, 2022
So I have a Cooler Master 690 II, and I want to put in an ASUS B35 ATX motherboard. Pretty sure it'll fit, but will the front panel connectors all wprl together? I really want to have those small luxuries, like power buttons and audio ports and hdmi ports, without reaching all the way around my pc to the back panel. Help, please!


Front panel connectors are more or less universal. Not really front panel HDMI for anything.

So short answer, yes. Long answer:

USB Headers:

USB 2.0
USB 3.0 or higher (Not likely with an old board and case, there is an updated version of the 690 that does though, you might have that one)
USB Type C (Certainly not in your chassis)

Front Panel Header:

Power Switch (2-pin)
Power LED (2 or 3 pin, usually split into individual pins on the case side, most modern boards are 2-pin)
Reset Switch (2-pin)
HDD activity light (2-pin)
Speaker (2-pin with 4-pin spacing)

Audio header:
HD Audio

These are two different standards for front panel audio, but they can be manually re-wired with enough patience.

Your old 310 looks to have an optional punch out for firewire, but that is now an abandoned standard. Also not a great case, it would be alright for lower power systems, but not anything modern.

And the Cooler Master 690 II also had eSATA as an optional connector (which you might be confusing for HDMI) This standard was also abandoned.