Looking at the x12 headset


Mar 11, 2011
I recently owned a headset w/mic that I bought from Fry's for 40 dollars. They were surprisingly durable and well-made. Unfortunately, they tend like all my headsets to inevitably get their wires tangled around the legs of my chair. I suddenly stood up to answer the door which resulted in me yanking out the headset and ruining them.

I saw a pair of x12 headsets from Turtle beach for sale at game stop for 47 dollars, while normally 60. I tested them out, (they were on display) and they were very comfortable and had excellent quality noise. The only downside in comparison to my former headset is the part that connects the ears to the headband seemed not necessarily poor, but like semi-thin plastic, which with enough force COULD be broken. Only visible weakness to them. Otherwise they seem to get excellent ratings, and they're on sale, plus they also work on my xbox 360 though they're main use would be for pc gaming/music.

My main concern is always quality/durability, and these seem better than average but far from perfect, considering I've used/broken like 5 headsets since I started pc gaming 2-3 years ago. In addition a common issue seems to be the pc audio/mic jacks eventually getting loose, which seems to be an issue on the computers side of things.

The main attraction of the x12 is APPARENTLY they are "usb" headsets, so when I saw in a youtube video they seem to still have to use the regular audio/mic jacks to plug in. Is this normal? Why would they be called usb headsets if they in fact, weren't that.

My question is why can't the mic work on the PC with JUST the usb cord? Are there headsets that ONLY require the usb and not the jacks?

Also, for info's sake: these were my last headsets, which I was very happy with, yet at the same time, they DO require the jacks which do get loose, requiring me to put like a towel under them to hold them up and keep them in the sockets.

Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset


Got a set myself in the Amazon daily deals thingy.

They are designed for the XBox, which means that you have to accept a few compromises. The cable is enormous, so you can sit on the other side of a room or whatever; on a PC it's a little messy. If you crank up the in-line amp, there is a significant buzz generated. Turning up game/music volume on the PC and turning down the amp works fine though. This is why they have 3 cables, all of which you kinda need to plug in if you want to get everything to work.

Despite the small negatives, when I bought them they were crazy cheap for the level of quality. Turtle Beach have some more PC orientated headsets but I found they were quite a lot more expensive at the time. If you can deal with a few quirks, they are pretty solid.