Looking for 15,6" to 19" Widescreen TFT monitor 1080p (FullHD)!?


Mar 9, 2011
Yeah yeah,

Before you guys call me crazy..... i kind of seem to have a nack for looking for hardware with specs that just aren't around yet. :p

I'm looking for a 15,6" to 19" inch widescreen TFT monitor, that can display a 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 resolution.

I want a screen with these measurements and resolution for several reasons.
I can't seem to find even a 19" TFT screen that offers me FullHD resolutions.

Yet there are plenty of 15,6"/17" notebooks around with this option. (Are you telling me there's not a single chinese/japanese company that thought of making these panels into actual monitors? common...).

To avoid the discussion of "why i would want to view 1080p on a 15,6", 17" or 19" screen" ...i used to have a Clevo W860CU notebook which had a 15,6" 1080p screen. The resolution was great, even at that screen size.
(Also, it was probably the most crisp picture i had ever seen).

I really hope someone can help me out by pointing me in the right direction. :)
(I already know about the BenQ E2200HDA 21,5" and the Asus 21,5" counterpart...so no use to suggest those ;) ).

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