Question Looking for a 10.8cmL and 6cmW gaming mouse

Aug 17, 2019
#I need a 6~6.5cm width &11~12cm length (L-10.8cm, W-6.0cm perfect for me). Any mouse for that size?
Budget of around the same price tag as a rival 310 :p. I can go higher but only a wee bit.

(1)About the shape- idk if ergonomic or ambi is better, everybody say it's preference but i have no luxury to try for trials to even know what works for me and for this situation I can only go for a lottery guess situation, but is ergo or ambi better for competitive fps games? (CSGO;Escape from Tarkov;Rising Storm,QUAKE)

(2)and what would beat the rival 310 in terms of performance and pure fps fragging experience(im looking for shape and pure competitive fps performance at this range) and yes around the same price or "little" higher not more . I heard logitech products are not so durable but perform and feel better. I think what I really want to say is what shape should I go for competitive FPS, i can adapt to any grip given the mouse is best for my price range; i usually think but i am not sure to say-- i use a palm grip for most of the time, also because my present mouse allows for it.

(3)I have rival 310 in my mind for a 18cmL10cmW(my size) right hand size am i thinking right!?....

(3.1).... and is the back mouse width going to be a problem, its 7.01cm i believe)

(3.2)I also have CoolerMaster MasterMouse MM530 in mind and i want to know what are the mouse width dimensions for the front mid and back. Ty for listening to my more than necessary post.