Question looking for a $250-500 gaming pc build

Mar 5, 2019
hey so i'm currently using a 5 year old HP laptop for my gaming, watching movies, and research and i am now needing to get a new pc that will actually be able to handle what i run... thing is if i buy from a store the pc would most likely cost over 1k for what i need (in my area{USA Illinois}). i'm not sure if saying the games i play will help or not but here are the games i play:
Rift, Old school RuneScape, RuneScape, Deadfrontier 2, Star Trek online, Lord of the rings online, Infestation NewZ, APB Reloaded, NovaRagnorak, Eve online, World of Warships, Fortnite

as you can see i play a lot of games and a 5 year old laptop that honestly is a wonder that it ever worked isn't really the best thing to use to play these games. when i play the games it takes about 15-20 minutes for one map/area to load and that is on the lowest settings and assuming it does load. i have a tv that can be used as a monitor so i don't need to get one of that and i have a mouse so i only really need a pc and a keyboard... i have a pc build that was recommended for me but i'd like some suggestions.


Jan 12, 2018
At that price point it may make more sense to go with onboard graphics rather than discrete. A Ryzen 2200G or a 2400G is likely to be fine for running these games if the settings aren't set too high. That or you can shop around for cheaper components (e.g. a reasonable, new PSU can be had for $20-30 with a rebate) and invest the rest into something like a lightly used GTX 1070. That should put you under $500. If you do go the Ryzen route, make sure your motherboard supports a 2000 series out of the box (some with a compatible AM4 socket require an older processor to actually update the BIOS to support the 2000 series).

I'm not a gamer myself so others will likely weigh in with more substantial advice.


Illinois - buy CPU+Mobo @ Microcenter. Are you capable/comfortable with buying individual components and assembling them into a PC yourself, or do you need/ want that taken care of by someone else.
From Microcenter- AMD 2200G + Gigabyte B450M DS3H = $120

Your budget is quite wide. Any $500 build is going to be MUCH better than what anyone can come up with for $250. So expect most suggestions to be closer to the top of your budget.

In addition to above: (I'll add links as I get time since I'm on my phone)
2x8GB DDR4-3000 = $80
Gigabyte RX570 4GB = $130
HP EX920 512GB SSD = $75
Corsair CX450 = $20
Case = $40
Windows 10 = $10
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There are thousands of OEM keys that go unused/unactivated each year. It's 10 friggin bucks, there's no reason not to try. If you don't trust Bonanza, use a Visa gift card.
Or spend $100-$120, I don't care, I'm just pointing out ways to save money to maximize the budget.
The most I've ever spent on a Windows key is $30.