Question Looking for a 3x gpu Setup

Herr B

May 29, 2020
I'm looking for a budget case supporting 3x full size GPU's for simulation and rendering workloads.

Additionally I'm looking for a mainboard with ryzen latest or previous gen which can mount those 3 GPUS.
Desirable for me is to be able to undervolt the cpu eg. with clockturner.

RGB is not required, system specs do not need to be good except for 3x gpu support.

I am specifically not putting any budget here as the budget is: As low as possible but still in a reasonable zone where I'm not buying <Mod Edit>.

I'm not new to building computers but I am very aware, I might get into some sizing problems or compatibility issues otherwise with 3 gpus
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Grab a threadripper and board and call it a day? Intel HEDT?

Most Ryzen, and Intel, consumer motherboards are going to be laid out with dual GPUs in mind, since that is the max supported for any sort of multiple cards these days. Those that do have 3 x16 slots only two will be connected to the CPU. Might not matter for you, but something to consider.

Cheapest chassis worth considering that has 8 expansion slots. This would allow a third two-slot GPU in the last slot on an ATX motherboard.