looking for a best graphic card for a4-4300 hp

Oct 22, 2018
i have a A4 AMD vision pavilion, seems like a gaming rig, isn’t it? i played a few games and some other games i lag or stutter. like CoD mw2, L4D2, warframe and probably others. okay so i want to know if i can buy the latest graphic card for these games with the pc i have now. is it worth it?
i am a noobie
hp pavilion, a4 vision amd, window 7, cpu a4-3400, integrated radeon 6650D

looking for a good/great graphic card, around 200$or 100$ or less would be great.
p7-1108p Is the model #
ATX0300D5WC Is the power supply... it's a 300W

There are many things limiting you in Games.

1. Integrated GPU
2. Dual core 2.7ghz APU
3. Low system RAM 6gb DDR3-1333

Adding a GPU isn't going to solve all your issues and even adding a Quad Core Llano is still going to not be the best in Gaming but a Quad core over a dual core will help.

This is the cheapest options that would give you the best performance you would expect out of a Llano based system on a 300W power supply.

GTX 750 ti SC - $60 shipped

A6-3670K- US $16.99

Arctic Silver Thermal Compound $6.10