Looking for a better network admin tool than Xfinity gateway.


Jan 25, 2015
Hello all.
I am currently running an arris modem/router, connect by ethernet to a d-link in another part of my house for extended range,
Everything is good, except:

The default Comcast Xfinity gateway admin tool, (if it is even called that) Is a clumsy, monolithic interface, and has several major flaws.

1:You cannot erase a device from the list of wifi devices, (you can put it on a block list, but not erase it) without doing a factory reset on the Comcast router itself, in which case you have erased all of them and have to start over to build your network.

2: once you have added a reserved IP device, you can't rename it, and you can't get rid of it to free up whatever address it is using. This means misspellings, and address assignments are permanant until you do a factory reset.

Many other routers, (Like the D-link DLR890) allow you to change the name you see on the network, identifying a device any time you want to.

I am wondering of there is a third party network admin tool, that will allow me to see all traffic, and that will allow me to rename or erase any device wifi or ethernet, at will.
The one comcast put together for xfinity SUCKS,