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Question Looking for a Chromebook with particular specifications (e.g., backlit keyboard)


May 5, 2013
Hi all - I was hoping to get some guidance from the folks here on finding a Chromebook that matches what I'm looking for. For background, my first Chromebook was a XE513. I love practically everything about it - the weight, the speed, the screen, the pen. For what I'm looking for it's almost perfect, except the lack of a back-lit keyboard. Trying to use it at night without the back-lighting is nearly impossible. So, to try and maintain the same general form factor (and get an Intel chipset) I picked up the ASUS Flip C434. It's heavier, turns out I don't like capacitive non-active pens and, most of all, the keyboard is terrible. More than just the fact that the keys feel "gummy" the back lighting is truly terrible. Even turned up to its maximum is still pretty dim. Considering the keyboard is why I was willing to give up my beloved XE513, it's a disappointment.

Because of home schooling, I'm planning on giving both Chromebooks to the kids, which opens the possibility of getting a new one. As far as I can tell, even the Samsung Galaxy doesn't have a back-lit keyboard (which is too bad because the damn things are gorgeous, despite less-than-ideal battery life). So the check-the-box model I'm looking for would have all/most of the following:

Metal body
Dual USB-C chargers (one on each side)
Backlit keyboard
Same pen type as the XE513
Able to use an SD (or Micro SD) card

Does such a machine exist? I kept hoping to find a Chromebook checklist to be able to select the features I'm looking for and it would spit out an answer, but no such magic seems to exist :)