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May 18, 2016
Hi All,
I need to carry ice-cream for an Hour without melting. which would be the right appliance to purchase for the same?
Must be able to carry it in a 2 wheeler.
Usually purchase and transport popsicles boxes (20 Units of Popsicle per box) along with some family pack (specialities flavours available only in the long distant shop - usually 750 ml tub to a litre)
Which is the very popular and affordable brand all over the world like once Nokia for phones.

Math Geek

a solid 2-3 day cooler and some dry ice would easily do this. can it be done economically? that's another question only your local market can answer.

obviously a battery powered model would do the job but i don't know what is available in india. i'd suggest seeing what options are available locally and then researching how well they work. start with what you can actually buy and work down from there to the best for your needs.

if i was doing this i would look at a small freezer you plug into your home outlet (they make rather small ones for apartments that i see all the time in stores) and then i'd hook a power inverter to a battery to run it. plug it in at night to get cold and then a 12v car battery connected to the inverter and it would likely last long enough for your single use and then you recharge it for the next day. but then i like to be a little bit odd with this sort of thing :)
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