Question looking for a decent gpu upgrade


Oct 25, 2020
I want to upgrade my GPU to be able to play gmod, skyrim modded at 144 hz 1080p
i currently have rx 570 but i get bad frames with it
i was thinking 3060 ti but i see 6700xt cheaper but im not very familiar with them
any advice?


To start the 6700XT is prob the overall best FPS, but they are very close with the 3060ti trading blows in some games. Winning some, and losing others.

The 3060ti does come with second gen Ray Tracing features, which defo out shine AMD's version. Better performance with Nvidia for RT. The 6700XT has more memory, so that can help with higher graphical fidelity (without RT).

I have a RTX3060ti and I do admit I love it. But, I have been tempted with the AMD side.

With all of that said, both AMD and Nvidia will be releasing new GPU's this year. Prob best to wait for an RTX4060ti or AMD 7700xt or whatever the new names might be.


about the psu i bought a pc case with 850w psu in it it says stars solutions ss 850w
I would consider getting a new PSU asap. Despite the unit 'supposedly' being 850w, I highly doubt that. There are no reviews anywhere of this PSU, which leads me to believe it's pure crap. I would get a new one if thinking of a new GPU.

In terms of branding, Powercolour is like many others. They are often European/Asian re branding from mainstream OEM's. I run a Palit 3060ti and it's as good as any other brand Ive had in the past, including Asus/EVGA/Gigabyte etc./