[SOLVED] Looking for a device: a 56K dialup USB modem that works with Android phones or tablets

Dec 22, 2020
56k dialup from a cellphone.. is there a USB modem that supports Android or iOS?

i know this is a strange question, and I am sure there will be people asking me why I want to do this.

I have several reasons why I want to do this. One of them is I am going to be at a location where there is no internet but there is a land line. I have access to 56K dial-up internet.

I want to be able to use my android and an OTG cable to connect to a USB 56k modem that will allow me to connect to 56k dialup internet.

The services I will be using on the internet are mostly text based so 56K will be fast enough for what im doing.

another thing I want to do is to be able to use my android phone to use a 56k connection to dial into datapac, which is a Canadian dial-up packet switched network that has dial-up numbers in every NPA in the country as well as an 800 dialup number.

Regardless of what I want to use it for what I need is this:
a 56K USB dialup modem to connect to and be compatible with an android phone.
Does this exist?

Is there a better sub forum that I should post this in taht might get me better answers?