[SOLVED] Looking for a final verdict on ryzen vs intel for machine learning

Nov 13, 2018
hello all,
I want to make a multipurpose rig(ML, gaming and content creation). Now for various hardware acceleration, intel was my choice(i5 8400). I live in japan and in amazon it costs 29000 jpy. Then I stumbled across ryzen 5 2600 which costs 19000jpy and comes with a cooler. So for doing ML( both cpu based scikit learn things and gpu based DL things), gaming and video editing, which one should I buy? I have read many forum threads but all of them are sort of confusing. So far the upper hand for intel is I think its avx2 instruction and faster numpy scipy releases and for amd the price to performance ratio and core count. So please help me with this.
Thanks in advance.
Ryzen provides more threads/cores for the price. Sounds like it would handle what you want to throw at it better, especially with video editing mentioned.

Intel provides slightly faster single-threaded speed. Most python stuff is single-threaded unless you program multiple iterations/threads into it.

Most other machine learning stuff that I've used leans on the GPU (lots of CUDA cores) rather than CPU.