Question Looking for a flat, quiet, wired, strong but decent gaming keyboard, backlit,


Sep 24, 2010
Hi all,

Have had a good few keyboards over the years, have had a razer black widow 2013 for a few years now and although i like that it's built like a tank and hasn't failed me yet, it does have one problem for me, it's extremely loud, i believe it uses cherry blue switches.

Now the problem for me is that my PC, steering wheel, oculus etc is all mine and my wifes bedroom, so right behind my chair is our bed, so when i'm awake and she's in bed, i can't use the razer as it's ridiculously loud.

So for the time being (i say time being, it's been years now) i've been using a Mac keyboard, not a Mac fan at all, but i like their flat keyboard even though the keys have the wrong text on them, i know what buttons what, and i've used it so much that now i can barely win anything when gaming on my razer, so i'd like to get something similar but something a little classier, not looking for cheap or anything with raised keys like the razer, I've very little experience with keyboards beyond the ones i've mentioned, i've only ever had generic ones.

I saw one online which ships from the US and i really like it, it has round keys which would help me as i sometimes slide off the keys on the Mac KB.

Here's the one i'm referring to it's $121 so in the UK with our current exchange rate it's probably £121 :D

Here's a video of it in action
skip to 2 mins and 4 mins 23 for my favourite bits :D

It's the Azio MK Retro (the one in red preferably) it has good looks and hopefully it comes in cherry red keys or anything which would be as quiet or quieter.

Doesn't appear made for gaming but i think i would enjoy it and it looks like it's well made.

Does anyone else know of any other keyboards which suit my needs? Sorry for the silly question but i'd like to get it right first time if I could.

Budget is £200 ish ;) Obviously would like to save money but would pay for the right one no problem.

If i could get a keyboard which gives me the looks of the razer or better with the quietness of the Mac one with the shallow keys or close to then i'd be very happy.

PS: Does anyone have the Azio ? are they any good?

Many thanks in advance, appreciated.