looking for a gaming, streaming and editing PC build for $1500-2000

Dec 23, 2018
2 questions:

So I bought a Pre-build gaming PC in 2015 which was the (CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA380 Desktop) and wanted to know if there's anyway that I can upgrade the parts in it or rearrange them to be a streaming PC solely for just streaming while having another PC running the games I'm playing and editing on so that it balances out the work load. My budget for the streaming PC upgrades or new build would be ($500-1000)

For the second PC, I wanted a build that could run games at a high performance quality along with being capable of video and music editing ? any suggestions or builds to these questions would be greatly appreciated also my budget for the Gaming/video/music editing PC would be ($1500-2000)

Another thing to consider is that I rather just build 1 PC capable of Gaming/Streaming/Editing for ($1500-2000) then 2 different PC's for each but If I can use the Pre-Built that I have now currently and just gut out what I don't need and upgrade whatever, I would be up for that as well. If I am able to upgrade what I have now to a streaming PC for cheap then I would just need a Gaming/Editing PC build.

Anyone who could help is GREATLY APPRECIATED

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