Looking for a good dedicated proxy server


May 21, 2009

Recently I have been interested in using a secure HTTP port dedicated server. Before you close this immediately, this is not because sites are blocked or because I can't download movies or music in my dorm, I'm really not interested in any of that bypassing firewall stuff. I am not trying to break any rules. Games are not blocked, however connecting to a game is infinitely slow. It takes me up to 15 minutes to log into a server some times, but when I am connected everything is perfect (until I come to a map change where I actually connect to a different physical server, where the problem arises once again, mostly causing in a disconnection and a period of 1-10 minutes of typing in my password). Basically I can stay connected to a server for days but as soon as there is a map change or a change of connection of any type there are massive problems.

My theory was that if I could find an HTTP tunnel dedicated server, I could connect to it once and it would be connected indefinitely. I could then run programs through FreeCap and never be disconnected. I figured the little increase in ping or network usage was not a big deal, since I spend most of my time studying and working, but really I would like to play WoW with my girlfriend instead of spending half the time connecting to the server and sometimes just giving up because it is so frustrating. Upon researching this on my own, I found this website called Smoothping.com.

Smoothping.com advertises a dedicated server to connect to simply to lower your ping. This is almost exactly what I wanted, though not for ping reasons, but for reasons of staying connected while traveling around and actually being able to connect in under 10 minutes. I tried the free trial (you get disconnected every 15 min or so, and have to sign back in), but it worked perfectly, so I signed up for the 6 month $15 premium account plan. Smoothping uses putty to connect you to a server after putting in your username/password. Then you run WoW through FreeCap or Proxifier (I use proxifier) and are able to connect. This works perfectly, and I love it. I was very happy with this.

However other programs have problems too, most noticeably messengers. Using AIM and MSN is miserable on this network. Forget about trying to use facebook. Every time I click a link to a new page there's a 70% chance the entire screen just goes white, and of course the back button results in another 70% chance of a blank page, and by the time I navigate to my friend's profile I may as well have walked to his dorm and talked to him in person. Most of the time I'm mashing F5 until the page decides to connect.

Unfortunately smoothping's dedicated plan only allows their servers to be used for WoW and Aion. So I decided to do a bit more research. I found http://www.http-tunnel.com/html/solutions/http_tunnel/client.asp which uses their own client to connect to free servers. A dedicated server plan is $5 a month. I decided to give this a try, since they have a 1 week trial period where you can be refunded no questions asked. I shelled out the 5 bucks, and I was able to run every program through Proxifier through their High-bandwidth server. Everything was fine, AIM/MSN works, facebook is unbelievably faster, I didn't notice a problem until I tried playing WoW -- it connected flawlessly as expected but in about 10 minutes I was disconnected from a huge lag spike. It kept happening and it seems there is no solution available on their website, and it is kind of annoying that when you connect to their High-bandwidth server it says (High-Bandwidth servers: 8, Gaming servers: 0) as if they are planning on adding it but haven't yet.

Well simply my question is this: is there a service such as these that is reliable, that any one here has had a good experience with, that is not too expensive? Something that can simply be connected to through Putty or even has its own client. I know how to set up Proxifier, Hummingbird, FreeCap, etc (though I can't get WideCap to work). I'm looking for maybe a dedicated SSH gaming server, that costs at most $7 a month. I would shell out that much for one that works perfectly, but not much more.

Anyway thank you very much for your help. I hope this post is appropriate for the forum.


Dec 9, 2009
Interesting topic (and one which I can't help you with). But I do have to ask: if your connection is that dire, can't you shop around for another ISP?