Question Looking for a good PSU to run an i3-9100f + GTX 1050 + 8GB RAM


Sep 8, 2017
Hello everybody.

I'm going to buy an i3-9100F soon to upgrade from my Pentium G4400; together with this Pentium I'm currently running a GTX 1050 and 8 gigs of DDR4 RAM. My current PSU is crap though, it's a generic Sentey BCP-500XS which was included with the case I bought. So far it has worked well, like, it didn't explode or anything; I must be consuming around 216W of power (at least that's what PcPartPicker tells me), with that i3-9100f I would be consuming around 224W.

I highly doubt the PSU won't become an explosive with a fan if I pair it with that i3-9100f, so I'm looking for a decent PSU that doesn't cost a lot so I can rest sure that my PC won't blow up. However, I'm surely gonna buy that new PSU from an specific page, which is called CompraGamer; there are many PSUs there, some are cheap and are rated 80+ bronze, so I was thinking on getting one of those before someone warned me that I should get a really decent one.

Here's the list of PSUs I can buy - The prices shown are in ARS (Argentine peso), I can probably spend up to like 4000 or so, but I want to know what you guys think is the safest choice and that won't hurt my wallet too much (I have no source of income currently, as I'm fresh out of highschool).