Looking for a good rts


Oct 17, 2011
greetings comrades!

I am on the market for a good rts to occupy my Friday nights and Saturdays :p. I have Annoy 2070, Company of Heroes, and Empire: Total war. I am looking at Shogun 2 : Total war, fall of samurai, rise of samurai. I also am curious if Napoleon: Total war is very close to Empire: Total War. As you can tell by my purchase Anno 2070 the rts does not have to focus solely on war. I am also interested in the Settlers and Civilization series. I have also heard of sins of a solar empire? not too sure about that one. I have been googling and youtubing looking, but haven't decided on anything yet. Right i am leaning towards Shogun 2: Total war because it looks quite epic and the naval battles add a break from only land battles. I am also aware of some space rts's such as sins of a solar empire I think? Suggest to me some good rts's you have played or ones you know are coming out soon. Please let me know guys!

lots of love :love: :kaola:




Feb 19, 2007
Have you ever tried the original Supreme Commander (and FA) games?

You can get into some very epic battles and there's a ton of variety for the units. You can generally pick the bundle pretty cheap and there well worth it IMO.


Napoleon is just a little better than Empire. Shogun 2 is the best so far of the total war. My avatar comes from Shogun 2. There is a lot of detail in the game so your specs should be of a good gaming rig.

I play at least 2 to 3 times a week, out of all the games I have Shoegun 2 is the best RTS that I have ever played. The Age of Empires series are cool, so is Rise of nations. the Comand & Conquer the first decade is good.



Cheers! I'm here to recommend you League of Legends (LoL)
It's very entertaining as you know the rules already and FREE.
Here's the link to sign up:


Try it! It's great, believe me ;)