Looking for a graphics card.


Sep 3, 2011
I need a average graphics card that is cheap around 50 bucks. I currently have a really old and crappy NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS, it has like 256MB memory I think or like 100 something, not sure. The temperature is around 40-50C when starting up but then goes up to 60-70C even though I just browse the internet. When I game it goes up to about 70C or more. It went up to 93C today, not sure why. I am very worried. Which is why I need a new one.

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz
4GB Ram (3GB usable)
I believe my Power Supply is only 300 watts and a PCI Express x16 I am pretty sure. I can double check if you guys want.

Edit: Guys and gals, how about you just list your recommendations for cards around $60. I'll probably go 70 if I have too. But remember, I ONLY have 300 watts. I might have to buy a power supply also which I have no idea how to replace in my computer. I have only added new RAM to my PC, other than that, no switches or improvements, etc.

karanpal singh

Apr 18, 2010
i have a ati5550 and it runs on 400watts power supply.its pretty cheap and is very cool.temperatures never go above 67-68C and ideal temperatures are around 40-45C.
this card runs all modern games at med-high settings.i think 5550 can run on even low power maybe at yours.