Question Looking for a guide to undervolt my RTX2060.


Aug 2, 2018
Hello, I recently bought RTX2060 Rog Strix but when gaming, to be more specific like Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, I played at Nvidia's recommended settings at 1080p and got 82°c of heat. So I first heard of undervolting yesterday and thought that this might be the solution to my overheat problem. Can you guide me on how to undervolt my GPU?
Open MSI Afterburner. Find the GPU stats graph (temp, voltages, etc etc) and hit Ctrl+F to open the frequency-voltage curve.

The process is the same as CPU or GPU overclocking, you're looking for the lowest stable voltage at a given frequency. A quick stability test it to run something like FurMark, F@H, 3DMark, etc etc. At first you'll test stability for 5 minutes before moving voltage down again. Once you get close to your final setting(s), you'll want to test a bit longer (say 30 minutes).

Google around for "RTX2060 voltage" or "RTX2060 Undervolt" to get an idea of where to start and/or what to expect you can reach.

PS, this question is pretty closely related to your other thread, probably best to stick to a single thread.
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Have you checked to see what speed your fans are spinning? If they are at 100% then try taking your side panel off your case to see if you need better case cooling.

RTX cards are a little different then the older GTX cards, there is a relationship between volts, temps, and clock speed.

If your still withing voltage % then it will boost the cards clock speed, if temps are ok then boost will stay up. As soon as your temps start to go up the clock speed will go down