Question Looking for a high-quality VGA cable for second monitor


Apr 26, 2015
Hi all,

I recently got a new laptop , and when plugging it into my second monitor with a VGA cable , I get blurry text with downward smearing. The laptop is a Dell Latitude E5470 with Intel Graphics 520; the monitor is an Iiyama Prolite XB2483HSU-B1; the VGA cable is brand new (with all 15 pins) but low-price.

I'm reasonably convinced that the VGA cable is the problem, because if I elevate the cable (so that it is further away from the other cables on my desk), the problem goes away - but only for a few minutes, after which the problem returns until I wiggle the cable again.

I realise that VGA isn't the best option for a digital monitor (and I'm aware that my new laptop has an HDMI port, but it's being used for another device), but when I used the same setup with my previous laptop, the image was acceptable quality - a little blurry compared to HDMI, but acceptable nonetheless. I'd like to get my new laptop up to that same acceptable quality, so I'm hoping a better VGA cable will do it.

So does anyone have any recommendations for a really good VGA cable, available in the UK?


Just for the record and FYI to Forum members in the UK.....

What brand is the current VGA cable and where was the cable purchased?

Is it possible to just return the cable as defective and hope that the replacement cable will be okay?