Question Looking for a local, portable WiFi device


Jul 26, 2010
I'd like to connect two or more devices like an iPodTouch to an iPhone. I wanted Bluetooth, but it doesn't have the range that I need with the version of BT that the devices have. I'd like 100~200+ feet and I guess that requires BT 4.2+ which older devices don't have.

So what I'm thinking of is a local WiFI device that doesn't have Internet connection, but just allows devices to communicate with each other.

Imagine you have some older iPodTouches (or similar WiFi device) and you wanted to go to a building and have them all communicate with each other. So you go to a job site, drop 3 iPodTouches that are running an app and connect together and feed data to each other. They don't need Internet, they just need to talk to each other thru a custom app.

I saw devices that looked like you would turn them on and it would have a HD with data on there, like songs, music, .... and people could connect access the content. So you could have a local meeting, pull out the device, have people connect via WiFi and access all the data. When you're done, you turn it off and leave.

I don't need the HD or Internet, just a popup P2P type messaging, but with longer range than the older BT allowed. Older BT has that 30ish feet limit, I'd like about 3~4X that distance.

If this can't be done, can you have a BT 2 -> BT 5 repeater type device? Basically you'd connect via BT2 and it would echo to BT 5 for the long distance advantage.

[Edit] what happens if I buy one of those subscription hotspot devices and don't buy the service? Will the people be able to use that as a P2P connection?


Jun 29, 2016
Usually if you get a custom app they will offer it as a cloud service you will likely spend a lot of money getting a custom app that works stand alone with that specific requirement. there may be some that already exist but i would imagine they also require internet connection to allow sharing data. If by data you mean actual spreadsheets files etc. It would be possible to an extent but i believe the issue would be with apple devices as i'm not sure whether apple offer a Network file sharing option and if so you would need to keep a Mac locally to host the file share. (If using windows/android it would definitely be possible and somewhat easier and cheaper) Apple mobile devices can access windows network file shares but only in a roundabout way which for your requirement doesn't seem ideal.